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Keen’s approach to hiring is to understand the mindset of the Customer. If a customer enjoys their experience with a particular Keen staff member and that person was not available for a certain amount of time, what would happen to the customers’ experience?

In essence, nothing should change, as all customers deserve a great experience no matter who they deal with, from the President to Sales to Recruitment to our Payroll Management Team. That is the guiding principle we’ve used for all of our hiring and it has been a successful measuring stick to date. Keen has a vibrant culture, with headquarters in the heart of Liberty Village, Toronto. Our team enjoys a fun office atmosphere where they enjoy coming to work every day. This contributes to a better approach when delivering the necessary talent to our client base.

A Keen Recruiter understands technology and has the ability to drill down beyond just ‘word matching’ that many vendors feel is what ‘recruitment’ is all about. Our submissions are of quality because our goal is to challenge the candidate to the ‘project’ level and force a clear communication of; actual responsibilities vs that of the team, direct reports, deliverables and of course successes and project challenges.

Quality, Quality, Quality…

Quality Customer Service, Quality Price Point and Quality Submissions are keys to our success and it’s simply what our customers want and deserve.

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512, 2016

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