KeenPAY – Enterprise Payroll Services

KeenPAY, our enterprise contractor payroll service offering, provides an effective and beneficial approach to simplifying and streamlining your contractor payroll process. Our proven ability to manage all aspects of contractor payroll administration results in timely, accurate services that bring convenience and efficiency to your accounting and administrative staff.

We develop customized payroll plans that clearly define your objectives while minimizing disruptions. Our goal is to implement transparent services that our clients & contract employees barely notice. Our professional team of payroll and customer service representatives are experts at achieving this goal. They process many new contractors weekly and specialize in providing smooth and efficient transitions.

By assuming your contractor payroll-related functions, KeenPAY relieves you of complex employer issues such as taxes, employment and workers compensation, employee benefits, personnel management, and compliance.

KeenPAY does not pass on any costs to the contract employee for its services. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly payroll cycles with immediate payment terms.   This allows the contract employee to focus on their work without the need to worry about when their next payment may arrive.

Reducing risk to your organization is another key advantage of allowing KeenPAY to assume your contractor payroll and administrative responsibilities. With the proliferation of employee lawsuits and demanding compliance regulations, many companies are realizing the advantages of outsourcing this segment of their business. Our services minimize the risk of costly audits, legal issues, and fines while giving you the convenience and assurance of working with a company that specializes in personnel-related issues.

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