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Something there is about the spring that ignites an impulse to overhaul, pare down, spruce up. Your job’s a sweet place to apply these renewing energies. Here are five ideas to get your spring-cleaning juices flowing at the workplace.

  1. Take stock. There’s no time like the present for taking inventory of your work picture and making some decisions around its pluses and minuses. If the parts consigned to the latter category outnumber the parts in the former, you might want to spring-clean the job right out of your life.
  2. Tidy up your inbox. Nothing says “I have a cluttered life” like 11,400 unread messages. Spend a day (or two) finally tackling the pile-up in your inbox. Flag and keep the important stuff; condemn the rest to the trash.
  3. Revamp your office. Whether you have a grand corner suite with a downtown view or a cramped cubicle downwind of the bathroom, your working space is your kingdom. Make it a grand one with such fresh touches as pet photos in bright yellow Ikea frames, a new spider-plant stab at green-thumb mastery or a curiosity desktop piece—like a gumball machine—that encourages companionable collegial lingering.
  4. Clean up your schedule. No doubt you’re a busy person, with lots of demands on your time—perhaps so many that you’re work life has taken over your whole life. Take this opportunity to dedicate yourself to a prioritized timetable that’s trimmed back on extraneous commitments so you might focus on appointments that really matters.
  5. Dust off your network. Spring is a great time to reacquaint yourself with old references, coworkers and clients. Who knows? Your friendly “it’s been a long while since we connected” note might hit them just as they’re casting about for takers on an exciting new project.

Just like your mud room and “everything drawer,” your job would benefit from a good refurbishment to mark the seasonal switchup. Don’t let springtime slip by without one.