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Cor, unless you’ve been living under a jewel-encrusted rock, you know that the Royal Wedding is this weekend. (Indeed, you probably know much more than you want to, including Tom Markle’s waist circumference and the flavour of the wedding cake [lemon and elderflower, duh].) His Royal Highness Prince Harry will wed the increasingly controversial Meghan Markle on Saturday, May 19.

Here are three ways you can mark the marvelous event on the workscape:

Royal Wedding Bingo

Print out some gridded cardstock with Royal-themed sightings on them. Include items like: “Meghan Markle’s father does another flip-flop on his attendance at the wedding,” “Prince Philip survives to the wedding day,” and “Somebody finally acknowledges that the affianceds are already living together.”

Stage a Royal Potluck

Hold a Royal Lunch Day, and encourage everyone in the office to bring their most regal creations. Also, don’t be a daft cow and miss out on the opportunity to show off the depth of your appreciation for all things royal with a How Well Do You Know the Royals? trivia contest as part of the mealtime festivities.

Royal Costume Contest

Invite staffers to go all dog’s dinner and don their most majestic outfits for on-the-job presentation. Encourage everyone to imagine what they might wear to the Royal Wedding itself, should they be lucky enough to score a last-minute invitation. Sweeten the pot with prizes (get gold-paper crowns and Prince Harry facial hair sets at Dollarama before the competition).

Harry and Meghan’s do is going to be the last really smashy nuptialfest in a long while, so best for us colonists to get the most from it that we can. That means extending this spirit beyond the homefront (where, no doubt, the lot of us are setting our alarms for the wee morning hours to catch the royal broadcast on the telly) and into the workplace.