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Nobody, Elon Musk tweeted on Monday, “ever changed the world on forty hours a week.”

When a Twitter user asked just how many hours one needs to put in to “change the world,” Musk suggested anywhere between eighty and more than 100 weekly. “Pain level increases exponentially above eighty,” he added, helpfully.

Given that folks living inside Earth’s gravitational pull have a hard-stop 168 hours in their weeks, and that the average Canadian spends 58 minutes a day commuting and almost eight hours asleep, that leaves the 100-hour worker just about seven hours a week to: eat, bathe, socialize, work out, wash their shirts and stay current with Ozark.

It sounds unlikely, but multitasking is the marvel here. Some tips for pulling it off:

  • Eat breakfast in the shower. Your English muffin’s going to be soaked in salivary fluids soon enough. What’s the problem with speeding the drenching?
  • Brush your teeth in your Tesla. Ideally, Musk will outfit his next gen of automobiles with sinks to facilitate this time-saver.
  • Learn a language while you sleep. Headphones, intro-to-Swedish app, slumber. Done. You’ll wake up
  • Download Joosr, and read Getting to Yes andChaos Monkeys in the can. The company promises your consumption of even the densest tomes in 20 minutes’ worth of “blinks”—phone-screen-sized summaries of the library’s 250+ books.
  • Get fit while preparing your performance statements thanks to a foot peddler you’ve jammed under your desk. Ride to wine country before lunch.
  • Make friends in the boardroom. If you spend most of your life at the office, you’d better double-duty your social life while crunching month-ends. A well-stocked bar and moody lighting grease the scene.

In an interview he gave earlier this month, Rocketman admitted to actually working 120 hours a week, which means even less time for books and biking. But if he can pull it off and stay upright, there’s hope for the rest of us.