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’Tis the season of the holiday party and all its attendant follies. Think hazy encounters with your supervisor outside the bathroom stall, spiked careers around the spiked punch bowl, crushed egos amidst the crudité. 

How egregious the follies, as it turns out, is at least partly a function of the field you work in. Turns out members of certain industries are more likely than others to engage in bad behaviour at the company Christmas fete. 

To wit, the results of a new survey by the American booze manufacturer Four Loko identifying the professional preoccupations with a propensity for particular presentments of depravity at the holiday mixer:

  • People who work in HR are the most likely to hook up with a coworker.
  • People who work in construction are the most likely to flirt.
  • People with jobs in the legal industry are the most likely to get loud.
  • People who work in insurance are the most likely to say something rude.
  • Real estate workers are the most likely to bring a bad plus-one.
  • People who work in science are the most likely to gossip.
  • IT industry workers have the most embarrassing dance moves.
  • And government employees are the most likely to hook up with a stranger in front of coworkers.

Mind you, when it comes to the holiday party, no one comes out unscathed. The same survey notes that 26% of respondents did somethingthey regret at the event, with hooking up with a co-worker, saying something rude and participating in office gossip topping the list. That doesn’t even include the 9% who were reprimanded for their behaviour and the 7% who got into trouble with the law. No wonder 18% have been mortified to drag their sorry selves back into work the next day (including, it should be said, the boss, with 36% of employees reporting having seen their superiors doing “something embarrassing” during the event).