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There’s nothing like a New Year—white as a snow field, as full of potential as an untried recipe—for reinvention. And that’s no more the case than in the workplace. So what if the boss dogged your ass for all of 2018 or if Doug in accounting kept eating your granola. That’s all history now. Old habits, bad blood, stale ideas, mouldering professional reputation, dead soul: all are open to reinterpretation as we round December’s final eve.

This, the last teen year of your lifetime, looms large for its sea-changeability. Here are some ideas for stirring up the waves.

Stop complaining. The more someone whinges about their lot, the less likely everyone else is to take steps to improve it. And to care. Put a sock in it, and look to make 2019 the year you catch your flies with honey.

Start improving. If you’re bored at work, or uninspired with your regular tasks, learn some new stuff. Take a course, do a lunch-and-learn, expand your skillset, read some business books, get a professional certification. Who knows what kind of on-the-job advancements could result from your efforts?

Love your life. The Gallup organization conducted interviews with 80,000 managers to discover what makes for the happiest and most productive workplaces. The key finding? The ones that extended to employees the “opportunity to do what I do best every day” were filled with the cheeriest staffers.

Take a chance. If you’re typically too chicken to stick your (poultry) neck out at the office, make this the year you make some noise. Break out of your comfort zone and take a professional stance on something important. Pot legalization’s already in the bag, though.

Congratulate yourself. It’s meaningful to track your achievements and pat yourself on the back for stuff you cross off your to-do list. 

Be grateful. Make 2019 the year you launch a practice of expressing your gratitude. Set yourself a goal of writing a thank-you letter every week—for the associate who made a LinkedIn recommendation or shared their date squares. The effort will feed your soul—and could feed your bank account, too, if your grateful exaltations stir a lucrative response.

Clean up. The psychological pleasures that result from a thorough scrubbing of your physical and digital space can’t be downplayed. Weed through your files, mental and otherwise, and revel in the vacuums you unearth. Then fill the space with new junk.

This is the year you nail your job, rack up some hopes and dreams, and achieve 365 days of New Year’s resolutions. Go for it.