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Some folks during this stretch of calendar blocks can neverget warm, even in spite of all the warmed-in-the-lungs bacteria that occupy our communal office space. But hope is not lost! From weirdly shaped coffee mugs to USB-heated micro-fibre blankets, there’s no shortage of products aimed at warming the workplace set. Let’s round them up.

National JLR Gear Earmuff Headphones

Crank your internal body temperature along with some tunes inside the embrace of these headphones, which double as ear warmers.

amazon.com $30

USB Warming Blanket

If you’ve got a computer, you’ve got access to heat. This unique blanket draws on your laptop to keep itself toasty. 

amazon.com $25

Honeywell HCE100 Heat Bud Ceramic Portable-Mini Heater

Flip a switch under your desk and watch your coworkers’ curiosity soar as they notice you growing warmer.  

amazon.com $17

Sabrina Fossi Design Toasty Mug

This unique coffee-loving vessel, handmade in Florence (!) is a ceramic beauty whose ergonomic design offers cozy haven for your mug-hugging hands.


Wearable Sleeping Bag

If you’re the kind of soul who doesn’t mind sacrificing dignity for comfort, consider scoring yourself one of these little miracles. A wearable sleeping bag means you get to stroll about the office in just an unprecedented state.


Heated Mouse CEO

Nobody likes a cold mouse, which is why an outfit reassuringly called The ValueRays has unveiled a heated version of same. Now, no one’s mitt needs to endure the indignities of cold contact with your workaday desk tool.