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It’s the dregs and your head is filled with snow. What better time to encase your coworker’s stapler in Jell-O? In the spirit of the finest shenanigans Jim perpetrated on Dwight in a show launched fourteen years ago this month, five office pranks for your consideration.

  1. Crime-scene cubicle. Arrive at work early and equipped with yellow police tape and a stick of chalk. Wrap the environs of your buddy’s space in the tape and sketch a body outline on the floor. Imagine the good times when he stumbles in from the snow to discover the treachery his cubicle’s hosted.
  • The foil-encased office. This one calls for group effort and a whack of dollar-store aluminum. From stacks of paper to keyboards to paperclips, wrap the lot in Reynolds Wrap. Oh, and pick a busy day on the job to pull this. Corporate urgency and a tinfoil-wrapped desk chair are a wicked combo.
  • Blare the polluted air. Exchange the can of air freshener in your staff bathroom with an air horn decked out in a convincing flowered label. Next time the boss looks to conceal the aftermath of his crime, he’ll alert the building to his olfactory wrongdoing instead.  
  • The fake birthday. Bake a cake and buy some balloons. Wrap empty boxes in paper and light a bunch of candles. Then gather the gang and bluster into an officemate’s cubicle to sing a lusty rendition of Happy Birthday. Shower your quarry with gifts so enthusiastically they haven’t the heart to protest. Follow up with a call for a “birthday speech!” P.S. Make sure you pick a victim whose birthday it isn’t.
  • Swap out pics for dicks. This one targets that coworker with the busiest collection of family snaps on his desk. When he’s gone for lunch, unhinge the frames and replace all of them—the happy summer crew on the dock, the graduating niece, the pooch with his belly up—with photos of Trump.  

Half the reason you’re working in an office is for the captive crowd it furnishes for practical-joke madness, right? What a shameful scene your workspace would be if you didn’t exploit the possibilities. tiniest