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All of us do not have equal talent,
but all of us should have an equal opportunity to develop our talents

Grant McKeracher

– Managing Partner

The Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Keen is a sales veteran within the IT space. Grant brings leadership and know-how to Keen, that shows in the exceptional growth Keen has enjoyed to date. Starting his career in the early 90’s, Grant has worked for mid and large I.T organizations where he learned the value of customer service, commitment, industry knowledge and that hard work truly pays off. Grant takes pride in the sacrifices he and Blake had to endure in building Keen and covering every possible role, from recruitment to sales, to washing dishes and vacuuming the office before a client visit.
“You cannot create a ‘startup’ and expect it to grow on its own. The payoff comes from the growth of your company and the growth for your staff, who are truly the backbone of your success.”
Grant enjoys spending time with his family and beautiful children. Grant is an avid golfer, skier and hockey player, who also enjoys travel and reading.

“Victory has a thousand fathers and failure is an orphan” – JFK. Words that carry me daily, as we all own our successes, but very few own their failures with equal exuberance.

Blake Appleton

– Managing Partner

Blake is a veteran of the IT staffing market in Canada , with over 20 years covering a broad range of experience on both the agency and corporate sides of the business. Blake started his career in the 90’s as one of the original Canadian members of a large U.S.-based IT staffing firm in Canada. Blake progressed from an IT Recruiter to one of Canada’s top Senior Account Executives for the company, leading the growth of their Canadian operations.

Through his years of experience on the front lines in the staffing industry, Blake provides leadership and demonstrable results in building the key elements of differentiation that Keen delivers.

As Managing Partner, Blake oversees Keen’s back-office & financial operations, staffing processes, contract management and key client development.

Blake lives in Toronto with his wife and two young children. He is an avid sports fan, volunteering his time to coach both hockey and baseball throughout the year. In the summer, on weekends, you will find him up north at the family cottage, playing his guitar down at the camp fire.

Quality, Quality, Quality…

Quality Customer Service, Quality Price Point and Quality Submissions are keys to our success and it’s simply what our customers want and deserve.